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As countries develop, more and more people buy and use their own cars. Do you think the advantages of this trend for individuals outweigh the disadvantages for the environment?

Essay Plan:

Introduction: refer to the task question, using paraphrasing. My own opinion – the damage it causes to the environment is greater than its benefits.

Body Paragraph #1: benefits of having a private car (1) commuting more conveniently -> drive directly to their desired location -> avoid wasting time (2) if people enjoy travelling -> private car is handy for spontaneous trips.

Body Paragraph #2:  potential damage it may pose (1) damage the environment -> air pollution harming natural habitat (2) would also harm human’s health -> lung diseases + excessive use of manufacturing + petrol -> resource depletion

Conclusion: owning a car may be extremely convenient for individuals, however, I believe that its potential damage to the environment outweighs its benefits in the long run.

In the modern world, it is without dispute that there has been a surging number of privately-owned vehicles like cars being purchased and used across the globe. Although this trend has some benefits, I would argue that there are more drawbacks that should be concerned.

On the one hand, people could derive significant benefits from using personal cars. To elaborate, commuting would be more convenient because people would be able to drive directly to any location without having to wait for public transportation.  As a result, people would be able to avoid wasting time waiting. For people who enjoy travelling, having a car is beneficial for spontaneous trips. People could, for example, explore new roads and try the shortest routes to any destination. Moreover, they are allowed to carry heavy and bulky belongings with ease or even their pets which may not be allowed on planes or coaches.

On the other hand, I believe that this tendency would cause alarming damage to the habitat. To begin with, a range of environmental issues could stem from privately-owned vehicles, particularly air pollution. Carbon monoxide exhaust from personal automobiles would degrade air quality, harming animal and human habitats. Moreover, long term exposure to toxic pollutants may have major consequences for humans, including respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, and lung cancer. On a bigger scale, the toxic air would also cause similar diseases to wild animals and contribute to global warming. Furthermore, excessive use of natural resources for manufacturing many cars and their fuel may lead to resource depletion

In conclusion, owning a car may be extremely convenient for individuals, however, I believe that its potential damage to the environment outweighs its benefits in the long run.


  • Surging (adj): tăng đột biến

Ex: Short video sharing services see a surging interest nowadays

  • Privately-owned (adj): (thuộc) sở hữu cá nhân  

Ex: The proportion of privately-owned companies has risen in recent years.

  • Derive (v): nhận được hoặc lấy từ một nguồn cụ thể nào đó

Ex: Many of the state names in the US are derived from Native American languages, such as Alabama and Ohio.

  • Spontaneous (adj): tự nhiên, tự phát

Ex: His decision to move to the capital was completely spontaneous.

  • Route (n): tuyến đường, lộ trình

Ex: Behind the building is an escape route in case of fire.

  • Bulky (adj): cồng kềnh

Ex: Bulky goods tend to be charged with higher delivering fees. 

  • Alarming (adj): đáng báo động

Ex: Changes in diet brings about an alarming increase in childhood obesity.

  • Degrade (v): làm giảm (chất lượng)

Ex: Preservatives allow canned food to degrade at a much slower rate.

  • Exposure (n): sự tiếp xúc, phơi bày với cái gì đó

Ex: A lot of people work from home to avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

  • Respiratory (adj): thuộc về hô hấp  

Ex: Vitamin A is vital for the health of the respiratory system.

  • Sinusitis (n): bệnh viêm xoang

Ex: Sinusitis is very common among city dwellers.

  • Resource depletion (phr n): sự cạn kiệt tài nguyên

Ex: Resource depletion is one of the major contributors of climate change.

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