Describe a TV program that inspires you a lot
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Describe a TV program that inspires you a lot
Describe a TV program that inspires you a lot

Well I guess I could start – off by pointing something about the type of the program. Actually nowadays I don’t watch television that often but I used to be a couch potato in high school years. I remember sitting in front of the TV and channel surfed until I sound something interesting. One day, a documentary on Discovery Channel named “The Sacrifice of Genius” caught my entire attention. I really have to add that this program was a serial that consists of 10 episodes. It mainly emphasized on telling the sacrificing life stories of some well – respected scientists in the world such as Louis Pastuer and Marie Curie. By their great passion in researching, those incredible people had gone through so many adversities in order to devote themselves to science. With reference to how often I watched it, as far as I remember, this documentary was broadcasted every Thursday. I was so passionate about it that no matter how busy I was, I managed to watch the box at 9 pm on Thursday. Although it is a really interesting program, it was not very prevalent during that time. I guess this is because people are often more fond of entertaining programs, rather than academic ones. But after all, this program inspired me a lot and provoke my persistence sense especially when I encounter difficulties in life.

📌Couch potato (idiom): a person who spend a great deal of time watching TV
📌Channel surf (expression): change frequently from one channel to the other
📌Catch someone’s attention (expression): attracts someone
📌Emphasize (v): play special importance on something
📌Adversity (n) Difficulty
📌Broadcast (v): transmit by Radio or TV
📌Passionate (a) have a strong feeling for something
📌Watch the box (idiom): watch TV
📌Provoke (v): stimulate something
📌Encounter (v): meet or contend against
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