Topic: Animals

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Some people believe that zoos are cruel and all the zoos should be closed. However, other people think that zoos are useful to protect rare animals. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Essay Plan:

Introduction: refer to the task question, using paraphrasing. My own opinion – zoos are necessary for the protection of animals.

Body Paragraph #1: why some think that zoos should be closed down for their cruelty (1) inadequate living space -> losing natural instinct (2) risk of being mistreated -> some zoos would starve the animal to encourage visitors to buy the food to feed them.

Body Paragraph #2:  why zoos are crucial in the protection of animals (1) provide basic needs :food+drink + protect them from poachers (2) medical care in the zoos + scientists can observe and study them easier

Conclusion:  while others blame zoos for their cruelty, it seems to me that endangered species are best protected in wildlife parks.

Zoo’s contribution to our modern society has been a hotly debated topic. Many people are of the opinion that all zoos should be shut down due to their cruelty, while others think that zoos are the best places to shelter endangered animals. In this essay, these two views will be discussed in depth before giving my justification on why zoos are necessary for the protection of animals.

On the one hand, it is often argued that all zoos should be permanently banned for their heinousness. To be more specific, animals are kept in limited living space in cages and they could not have the freedom like they do in their natural habitats. As a result, their instinct may be seriously affected as they could lose their hunting and survival ability. In addition, animals could face the risk of being mistreated by zookeepers. To elaborate, some wildlife parks would not feed the animals to seek profit from the tourists buying animal food from the zoos. Furthermore, many zoos have insufficient funds to maintain the food supply for their animals which lead to cannibalism in some species.

On the other hand, I believe zoos play a critical role in preserving endangered animals whose habitats are in danger by virtue of human activities. Firstly, despite the artificial environment, zoos are better shelters for them with sufficient food and drink supply compared to their original ones. The risk of exotic animals being attacked by poachers would also be eliminated with the guarding and care from zoos. Hence, zoos are good places to ensure the safety of the animals and an ideal environment for their reproduction. Secondly, animals are given prompt medical care in case of emergency by experienced veterinarians, which they may not have access to when injured in nature. Additionally, scientists and biologists can observe and study the animals’ behaviour more easily if they live in zoos that are equipped with good facilities.

To sum up, while others blame zoos for their cruelty, it seems to me that endangered species are best protected in wildlife parks.

  • shelter (v) = foster (v): Che chở, cho chỗ ở
  • heinousness (n) = cruelty (n): Sự độc ác
  • instinct (n): Bản năng
  • insufficient (adj) = not enough: không đủ, thiếu
  • cannibalism (n): sự ăn thịt đồng loại
  • virtue (n) = goodness (n): đức hạnh
  • artificial (adj): nhân tạo
  • exotic (adj) = foreign (adj): ngoại lai, đẹp kỳ lạ (“hàng độc”)
  • poachers (n): người săn bắn trái phép 

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